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We bring together coaches and transformational entrepreneurs who are ready to grow their impact and income...

...to share stories, experiences and ideas for inspiration and support...

...so that we can create magic, miracles and the more beautiful world we know is possible through a thriving business infused with purpose, authenticity and joy.

We are the Changemakers, craving an entirely different way of being in business.    

Stop playing by marketing rules that weren’t designed to harness the power of you.

Craft your irresistible messages. Create what makes you gasp, grin and giggle. (Un)Market your business by dropping the hustle and hype. 

Bring it. All of you. 

Join us in the game of changing the world.

About Me (Stephanie Benedetto)

Inspiring Playful Creation as Coach, Storyteller and (Un)Marketer

I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life, and I fell in love with business as a vehicle for transformation and joyful creation in the world.

I followed all the commandments of Business As Usual and soaked up the How To’s and the Systems of internet marketing.

I mastered the rules of persuasive sales copy and email marketing. I became the queen of content marketing, the princess of the product launch, the mistress of the action strategy.

Using everything I'd learned, I bootstrapped two 6-figure businesses, create and sell marketing courses to thousands of entrepreneurs, earn over $1 million in sales, and coach both solo-preneurs and multi-million dollar corporations.

I got certifications as a Master Practitioner of NLP, Master NLP Coach, Master Hypnotherapist and Master Time Line Therapy®️ Practitioner and NLP Trainer. 

Yeah, I know how to write copy and spin messaging that sells.

But here’s the thing:

None of that felt like ME. It wasn’t my business. It wasn’t my life.

I was choosing from the limited options placed before me and selecting from the roles other people wanted me to fill.

I’ve come to believe that the best reason to master the rules of business is so that you can learn to break them. Ruthlessly.

So I completely dismantled my life.

I said goodbye to my marriage of 17 years to a man I still love.

I stepped away from my online business to travel the world by myself and dive into the Unknown.

I let go of everything I knew about who I thought I was.

I’m not going to bullshit you and tell you that it was easy. It brought me to my knees more than a few times.

What I’ve learned (am still learning) is that my way of living and doing business doesn’t look like anyone else’s. It’s not supposed to.

It’s weird and fun. It flows with ease, even in the most challenging moments, because there isn’t anything I’d rather be more than ME.

I’m here to awaken the changemakers – coaches, healers, thought leaders, conscious entrepreneurs – to the Love and Truth of what they really are, enabling them to create businesses as an expression of their joy that ripples out in waves of awakening in new technologies, economies and services that care for all beings and this planet.

Oh, yeah – and we'll have way too much fun doing it.

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How to create more clients and money with ease and joy -- no pressure, hustle or hype required.

Create services, courses and retreats with playfulness and fun.

Permission to do business your way -- do what you love and share it naturally.

Unleash the message of transformation that wants to come through you.

Connect with other inspiring entrepreneurs and tap the collective wisdom of the community.

Access exclusive videos, articles and events that aren't available anywhere else.

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Everyone in Wildspire Entrepreneurs community matters. Just by being here, you make a difference, inspiring new content and co-creating uniquely magnificent ways of being in business. Thank you!